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Assessment Strategies and their Management

Achievement and Under Achievement


Competence based assessment

Criterion Referenced Assessment

Education/child and adolescent psychiatry

Evaluation and appraisal

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring the quality of Teaching and Learning

Staff Appraisal

Staff Development

Staff Development related to post-compulsory schooling

Student monitoring

Comparative Education

Comparative educational administration

Decentralised Education Systems

Democratic schools

Education in Europe

Education Management in developing countries / Internationally

Education policy across Europe

Education systems as developers of identity

Educational developments in France and Germany

European dimension of education

Management development for schools outside UK

Organisational cultures/ideologies

The European dimension in schooling

Trans-European interaction


Educative leadership

Occupational stress

Research in Educational Leadership

Origins of Educational Administration and Management

19th century school management

Origins in UK

Policy, Values, Management and Administration

Administrator training

Alternative Management Models


Consultative Management

Critical issues in Policy / Management / Administration of Education

Curriculum and staff development

Curriculum development

Curriculum management

Curriculum management and assessment procedures

Development planning

Economics and education

Education and its place in the development of the state

Education Consultancy

Education management and training

Education Management/Administration

Educational Marketing

Educational planning and policy-making

Effective schools

Equal opportunities

Ethical use of power and control in organisations


Financial management

Human aspects of management

Human Resource Management in Education

Improving Educational Organisations

Industrial relations in schools

Information skills and technology across the curriculum

Inner City Education

Interface between administrators and academics in universities

Links and joint projects

Logistics in Education and Public Sector Organisation

Management and Administration of Education

Management and learning style preferences

Management and Marketing

Management and policy

Management Competencies

Management development

Management Information and Management Services

Management of education / policy studies

Management of educational institutions

Management of non-profit organisations

Management of professional personnel

Managing quality

Marketing and strategic management in the secondary school

Methodological Pluralism

Micro-politics in education

Models of Educational Management

Modular Curricula

Multicultural Education

Open and flexible learning

Open learning

Organisation & planning in education

Organisation (whole school/authority) development

Organisation theory

Parents in education

Partnerships in education

Pastoral Management

Pastoral systems

Philosophy of Education

Policy analysis


Public policy

Regional and National levels

Relationship between Education System and the Economy

Relationship between funding and provision

Resource management

Systemic Approach

Teacher professionalism

Values in the management of schools

When learners need the language of the country they live in

Women in education management

Women's issues

Post School Education

Decision making in further education

Design of masters degrees

Further education/formation

Higher Education accreditation

Management of Further Education/Vocational Education & Training


School - FE - HE Interfaces

Social and moral education

Teachers' professional associations

Teachers' unions

The policy making and planning process

The Politics of Management

Total quality management

Use of IT in secondary schools

Professional Development

Appraisal and Professional Development

Conditions of service

Continuing professional development

Cross-national programmes of development for senior staff in education

Development of networks of schools to collaborate with universities in professional development

English as a foreign language -Staff Development/Training programmes organized

English language teaching and teacher training

Headteacher mentoring

Headteacher training

Initial teacher education and continuing professional development

Learning & development across business along with national training organisations

Management Training

Management training by distance education

Managing staff development

Managing the institution whilst caring for the individual


Middle Management Development

Performance monitoring

Performance related pay

Personnel Management

Professional Development

Professional management

Professionalism in education

Protection/enhancement of professional standards


Selection and training of heads

Strategic management

Strategic Planning

Teacher education

Teacher professional development

Teacher Training

Teaching methods

Team Building

The accreditation of professional experience

Training and management

Trends in professional development

School Management and Teaching Practice

Bullying in primary schools

Child protection issues

Home-school relations

Inspection of schools

Management of schools

Management of the primary school

OFSTED Inspections

Primary school management

Private School

School administration

School based decision making

School based initial teacher training

School budgeting

School development

School Effectiveness / School Improvement

School governance

School governing bodies

School improvement strategies

School inspection

School Management

School playgrounds

School resource management

School reviews

School systems

Secondary School Management

The education of the slow learning child

Urban Education practice and issues

Structural Reform

Competition / Collaboration Issues

Educational Innovation & Change - Managing Change

Institutional development

Institutions & Schools

Managing change

Organisational change

Organisational theories

Restructuring systems and schools

Self- Managing Schools

Teacher/Practitioner response to reforms

Vocational and Community Education

Community initiatives for the unemployed

Community schools and community education

Management of community education

Special needs

Special provision for students with social/emotional/behavioural difficulties

Vocational Education

Youth and Community


Additional topic - please specify

Chaos Theory

Science Education

Statistics and Decision Sciences

Teacher of Religious Education

Teaching English to bilingual learners

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