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Victoria ShowunmiVictoria Showunmi

Dr Victoria Showunmi is an Associate Professor at University College London in the Faculty of Institute of Education. Her research interests are gender, identity, race and class through the lens of intersectionality, focusing on 1) identity & leadership and the lived experience of Black women and girls. Her work develops fresh conceptual frameworks focusing on equity and social justice, especially the interplay between people and the sophistication of behaviours which lead to disengagement with the promotion of equality. Her work shows how culture and cultural background have the potential to disrupt power structures and lead to transformational change. She has an international profile based on the dissemination of her research through publication and teaching.

Her experience as an international scholar includes: collaborative teaching, research & publications with colleagues (USA, Africa, Brazil, Pakistan & Europe); European COST Action -Gender Voices Early researchers, FIERCE Advisory Board and DAAD scholarship awards.

Recent publications include – Showunmi, V., & Tomlin, C. (2022). Understanding and Managing Sophisticated and Everyday Racism: Implications for Education and Work. Rowman & Littlefield and Showunmi, V., Moorosi, P., Shakeshaft, C., & Oplatka, I. (Eds.). (2022). The Bloomsbury Handbook of Gender and Educational Leadership and Management. Bloomsbury Publishing.

She is an executive member of the Gender and Education Association (GEA), Conference Chair for British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society, Chair of the International studies SIG.

Why vote for me?

Why? I would like to declare my interest in standing for re-nomination for the BELMAS Council. During this time of change, I would enjoy harnessing my enthusiasm for BELMAS to collaborate on the development of the Society. I believe my diverse experience (outlined below) would continue to enrich the support I can offer to Council. My insights into the work of Council have deepened, and I would much appreciate the opportunity to draw on my experience to enhance my contribution to the work of BELMAS.

My record as Conference Chair also indicates that I would be able to make a positive difference to BELMAS. I have taken steps to balance the conference budget whilst retaining it’s prominence. The role has enabled me to use all my skills as an academic. During my tenure, the conference has been a success. The number of conference delegates has been at its highest and feedback is positive. Streaming has made conference materials accessible to a larger audience regardless of location. The conference team I set up has ensured that delegates from across the globe participated, reflecting a wide-ranging demographic. I have led the creation of a broadly-based, compelling academic and practice-based conference programme, including a variety of social activities to suit all needs.

To mark BELMAS 50th Anniversary I arranged a seminar series which was well received.

I have also shared my international experience with BELMAS, for example SIG governance across AERA committees, focusing on operationalising strategic governance as required by the SIG Executive Committee.

Relevant experience: My research interests are gender, identity, race & class, especially 1) educational leadership, 2) Black women and girls and their well-being. My experience as an international scholar: collaborative research and publication with colleagues (US, West Africa, Pakistan & Europe); teaching – Ireland, Germany & UK; awards – DAAD scholarship, Hochschule Fulda, Germany, Horizon COST Action – Gender Voices. Leadership roles include chairing Athena Swan committees, directing a range of programmes and serving the academic community.

This wide variety of context enables me to promote BELMAS in a range of settings.