Leadership in Early Years Education Research

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The Leadership in Early Years Education Research Interest Group (RIG) is open to all educational leaders, researchers, practitioners and research students who have an interest in furthering understanding of leadership in the Early Years context and fostering strong links between research and practice. The group welcomes participants from all kinds of professional and academic backgrounds, whether specialists from the Early Years sector itself or other interested parties.

The group aims to create a network of members within the UK and abroad who will be able to correspond, share ideas and take part in events addressing specific areas of interest under the Leadership in Early Years Education umbrella. It is hoped that such activities will allow the group to develop a picture of leadership in Early Years Education across a variety of historical and geographical contexts, consider how the subject area has been researched and portrayed in academic literature and how knowledge and understanding about leadership is fed into Early Years practice.

Ultimately, the intention of the group is to foster an environment in which members will have an opportunity to collaborate and consider where research into leadership in Early Years Education needs to go next.


Dr Madeleine Findon

Dr Mona Sakr

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