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Parental engagement is now inspected by Ofsted in the UK as a part of the School Leadership and Management judgement. This change to the Ofsted criteria is on the basis of sound research, which links parent’s engagement with their children’s learning to children’s achievement (Jeynes, 2012, Yan, 1999, Williams et al., 2002, van der Werf et al., 2001, Okpala et al., 2001, Jeynes, 2007, Goodall and Vorhaus, 2011, Goodall and Montgomery, 2013, Chang et al., 2009).

Research has also shown that school leadership is crucial to increasing and enhancing parental engagement in children’s learning (Goodall, 2012, Goodall and Vorhaus, 2011, Goodall and Montgomery, 2013, Goodall, 2014 (In Press), Goodall, 2014, Dyson et al., 2007, Edmonds, 1979, Giles, 2006). However, there is a paucity of robust research in the general area of parental engagement (See and Gorard, 2014), and particularly so in relation to the effects of school leadership on parental engagement.

The Parental Engagement and School Leadership Research Interest Group (RIG) brings together both established and new scholars in the field, with a particular emphasis on supporting the work and discussion of PhD and EdD students. The RIG aims to meet face to face twice a year, and continue in contact throughout the year through the use of email and social media. These meetings will include members’ presentations about work in progress, as well as allowing time for collaborative work and the possibility of working toward joint bids for further funding. An overt aim of the group is the support of research students and early career researchers.

The RIG aims to produce an edited volume in the third or fourth year of its existence, and also to host a conference in about the same time scale.


Dr Janet Goodall – University of Bath

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