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The Governance and Governing RIG is open to all those who have an interest in governance in its widest sense, including educational leaders, researchers and research students and governors of schools and colleges. Its aim is to build a forum and network capable of generating and facilitating exchange and partnership on a continuing basis across the full range of research interests, professional contexts and contemporary issues related to governance and governing.

Benefits from participation will include:

  • Membership of a community of learners engaged in advancing the understanding and practice of governance in education
  • The opportunity to collaborate or correspond with colleagues engaged in similar studies, research or activity
  • The opportunity to identify and explore contemporary issues linked to governance and governing
  • Participation in future events specifically covering issues related to governance in education

We’re excited to announce the release of Management in Education’s special edition focusing on the governance and governing of educational institutions.

Featuring a selection of articles, reviews, interviews and opinion pieces, the special edition seeks to explore the current issues surrounding governance and governing in response to policy changes, academisation, the COVID-19 pandemic, and more, with themes ranging from ethical and value-based leadership to diverse governance.

Read the editorial from Lizana Oberholzer and Ron Hill

Listen Up! Special Edition Podcast Series

To coincide with the release of MiE’s special edition on governance, we’re thrilled to introduce a series of 6 podcast episodes from the BELMAS Governance and Governing Research Interest Group…

Editorial Introduction with Lizana Oberholzer (LO) and Ron Hill

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Lizana Oberholzer Interview with Janet Hetherington, co-author of ‘Values-Led Governance and Parental and Community Engagement in the Co-Operative Academies Trust: An Alternative in the Neoliberal Context of Education?’

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Lizana Oberholzer Interview with Caroline Vinall, author of ‘Like a Puppet on a String… Exploring Headteachers’ Perceived Demise of Local Governing Bodies within an English Multi-Academy Trust’.

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Lizana Oberholzer Interview with Andrew Allen and Nigel Gann, authors of ‘The Architecture of School Governance: Rebuilding Democratic Legitimacy Within An Academized System’.

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Interview with Christine Forde and Deirdre Torrance, authors of ‘Education Governance and the Role of the Headteacher: The New Policy Problem in Scottish Education’.

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Lizana Oberholzer Interview with Vivienne Porritt and Fee Stagg, authors of ‘Can Governance Be Ethical If It Is Not Diverse?’

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In addition to the podcast episodes, the Governance and Governing RIG has released a report which covers the RIG’s events from 2020-2021. Read it here.


Ron Hill and Lizana Oberholzer
Julia Skinner and Lizana Oberholzer
Emma Knights and Lizana Oberholzer
Nigel Gann and Lizana Oberholzer
Penny Rabiger and Lizana Oberholzer


Lizana Oberholzer

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