Critical Educational Policy & Leadership Studies

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We would like to welcome all BELMAS members to this RIG as a place where we can study and practice socially just educational leadership. We go to work and undertake research in an unjust world, and so in our professional practice we would want to give recognition to this, expose what this means and work for a different approach to teaching and learning. Notably, we would want to focus on educational matters and give recognition leadership as a communal and shared resource in a publicly funded and accountable system.

RIG members include all those who work in educational organisations, from schools to local authorities, to unions, to higher education. We are composed of networks of researching professionals who want to examine major educational issues and we want to do that in partnership with professional researchers in higher education.

Benefits from participation will include:

  • Participation from a diverse and dynamic network that is focused on promoting education as a public service.
  • Access to the most up to date intellectual work and research on policy scholarship and educational leadership.
  • Contributions to developing socially just approaches to policymaking and educational leadership.
  • Development of socially just methodologies and methods to support professional practice and primary research.


Dr Ruth McGinity – University of Manchester

Dr Steve Courtney – University of Manchester

Dr Denise Mifsud – University of Bath

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