Distinguished Service Award

Distinguished Service Award

The BELMAS Distinguished Service Award is our highest accolade; it is presented to those who have throughout their career, significantly contributed to BELMAS work in the field of educational leadership, management and administration and has “moved knowledge forwards” within the Society and the wider community.

DSA Winners are given lifetime membership of BELMAS and are invited to continue to support BELMAS work by joining the Distinguished Service Award Advisory Board. This Board meets twice a year to provide field insight and feedback to the Chair of BELMAS and the Executive Officer in relation to the work of the Society.

WATCH: Philip Woods receive his DSA at the 2019 Conference

DSA Advisory Board

The DSA Advisory Board was created in 2023 to bring the wealth of knowledge and experience into the new structures of BELMAS, and support its future projects and operations. The DSA Advisory Board meet at least three times per year and have specific duties that include:

  • Being a sounding board for the Chair of BELMAS and Executive Officer.
  • Determining the context and speaker for an Annual DSA Keynote or Lecture.
  • Being the recommending body for new DSA members following a nomination process determined by the ABG.
  • Being the recommending body for a BELMAS nominations for fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS).
  • Raising the international profile of BELMAS through external links to media and other Societies.
  • Awarding a “DSA Research Grant” for field-leading research projects from a budget set by the Board of Trustees.

Past Winners

2005 – Harry Tomlinson / Rene Saran
2006 – Peter Ribbins
2007 – Ron Glatter
2008 – Tony Bush
2009 – Tim Simkins
2010 – Barbara Vann
2011 – Chris James
2013 – David Cracknell
2015 – Megan Crawford / Peter Earley
2016 – Helen Gunter / Jacky Lumby
2017 – Michael Bottery
2018 – Colin Russell
2019 – Philip Woods
2022 – Saeeda Shah
2023 – Paul Miller