Elections 2023

The BELMAS elections take place annually and appoint/re-appoint Trustees to the Board.

For 2023, we have 17 candidates standing for your vote for one of five roles on the Board which is a BELMAS record! You can see below how and where to vote alongside some other useful information. To find out more about the candidates and inform your vote, simply click on their profiles.


When is Voting?

Voting will take place from 10:00 on Monday 5th June until 16:00 on Friday 30th June (both UK time). Voting is online and is accessible 24 hours per day. You will not be able to vote past this deadline under any circumstances.

How Do I Vote?

Voting is easy! Prior to the election, you will receive a link from the BELMAS Office. This will be YOUR unique link, so please do not share it with anyone else. When you click on this link you will be able to vote, ranking candidates 1-18 (including Re-Open Nominations, also known as RON).

Who is RON?

Re-open nominations is a metaphorical person who appears on the ballot. It gives the voter the opportunity to ask BELMAS to re-open the entire election process for new candidates if they don’t believe those standing in the election are someone they’d like to vote for.

For example, as we have five positions available, if RON finishes third in the vote, then the top two candidates would be elected and BELMAS would re-start the election process to fill the last three spaces in the hope that new candidates put themselves forward. It gives the electorate options outside of the election if they are not happy.

What is Single Transferrable Voting?

Instead of placing crosses next to your four favourite candidates in a “first past the post” model, you are asked to rank as many candidates as you like in order of preference. The system is designed to maximise your preferences, by reallocating your single vote where it is not needed from your higher preference candidate – if they are elected, or if they are knocked out – towards your lower preference candidates. This is called the surplus.

Election Candidates

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