Governing Documents

After a rich 50 year history, BELMAS converted to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) adopting its new Constitution and By-Laws on 18th January 2024.

The Constitution contains the fundamental principles of an organisation which determine the responsibilities and rights of its officers and members.

The By Laws contain the detailed procedures and working guidelines of an organisation which govern the day- to-day operations and accompany the Constitution.

You can see the new Constitution and By Laws documents by clicking the links below.

BELMAS Constitution



Board of Trustees Minutes

As a member-led transparent organisation, BELMAS commits to publishing its minutes from all of its Board meetings. You can see them by clicking the links below.

2024 Board Minutes

March 2024
January 2024

2023 Board Minutes

December 2023
October 2023
July 2023
May 2023
March 2023

2022 Board Minutes

December 2022
October 2022
February 2022