Membership Fees

The fees below are for an annual subscription and online journal access only. If you require hard-copy printed journals please see our additional fees below.


£60 /year

Student (Student ID Required)

£25 /year


£25 /year

Developing Country

£25 /year

Payment of Fees

All fees are paid through the BELMAS website. We are now unable to take card payment over the phone.

Purchase Hard Copies FAQs

I've already renewed my membership this year, can I opt in for hard copies too?

Absolutely! We have now made it super easy to change your preference. Simply head to our Journals page to purchase 12 months worth of hard copies.

What are the fees?

BELMAS sells its Journals at cost price for members. This is set at:

£70 (GBP) for six editions of EMAL (saving £44*) and

£30 (GBP) for four editions of MIE (saving £50*).

*Based on single journal direct purchase

Can I pay for hard copies of EMAL but have online access for MiE?

Yes. You can pay for hard copies of EMAL, MiE or both! As a member of BELMAS you will ALWAYS have access to our journals online for FREE!

Can I opt in to receive hard copies at a later date in the year?

We recommend that you subscribe to hard copies with your membership renewal, however it is possible to pay for hard copies at a later date.

We send an up-to-date list of membership opting in for hard copies monthly to our publishers notifying them of any changes.

If I cancel my subscription can I be reimbursed for the remaining part of the opt in fee?

No. The opt in fee is a non-refundable payment for 12 months’ issues of the journals.

How do I notify you of a change in postal address?

Log in to the BELMAS website and change your address in “My Details” under “Member Area”.

Can I terminate my BELMAS subscription but still receive the hard copies of journals if I pay the opt in fee?

No. This is a member benefit only which is why we encourage you to align the purchase of hard copies with your membership renewal.

How do I access the journals online?

Information on how to access the journals online can be found here.

For further questions, please email the BELMAS Office.