Race & Leadership

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The Race and Leadership Research Interest Group (RIG) brings together those researching in race and ethnicity, including educational leaders, researchers and research students. It’s aim is to build a network nationally and internationally which generates discussion and debate, exchange and partnership and dialogue across a range of research interests, education settings, contexts and issues related to race, ethnicity and education leadership and management.

The group may appeal to colleagues conducting research in mono- and multicultural education settings; examining the relationship between race, ethnicity and teacher workforce policy, the composition of and specificity of school demography and leadership, and the impact of school-led teacher training on the recruitment, preparation and development of school leaders. The Race and Leadership RIG aims to bring together new and established researchers, including postgraduate research students who bring innovative and critical perspectives to the discussion of race, ethnicity and education leadership and management.

Benefits from participation include:

  • Membership of a community actively engaged in understanding policy and practice as it pertains to race and ethnicity in education leadership
  • Collaboration with a community of researchers engaged in similar studies nationally and internationally
  • The opportunity to identify and examine structural issues linked to race and ethnicity in education leadership
  • Participation in events directly related to race and leadership


Prof. Paul Miller

Dr. Christine Callender

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