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Who We Are and What We Do

The Leadership Preparation and Development Research Interest Group (LPD RIG) is open to all individuals who have an interest in researching Leadership Preparation and Development in its broadest sense. This includes educational leaders, practitioners, researchers and research students globally. This is a very active RIG, which meets multiple times a year. This includes an annual meeting at the BELMAS Conference.

Background and Themes

Since we were convened back in May 2015, we have successfully built a research and practice network capable of generating and facilitating exchange and partnership on a continuing basis across professional contexts and contemporary issues relating to leadership preparation and development internationally.

Topics and Subject Matters Covered by this RIG

Our thematic scope encompasses leadership preparation, leadership development, novice and established principals, principals’ professional lives and wellbeing, amongst others.

Benefits from Participation

  • Membership of a community of researchers engaged in advancing the understanding of leadership preparation and development
  • The opportunity to collaborate or correspond with colleagues engaged in similar studies, research or activity
  • The opportunity to identify and explore contemporary issues linked to leadership development, particularly around systems leadership and school to school support (S2SS)
  • Participation in future events specifically covering issues related to leadership development
  • Membership of a vibrant and international community of researchers and practitioners whom you can contact for collaboration.

LPD RIG Co-Convenors



Title Contact details

Dr Berni Moreno, Lecturer, The University of Melbourne, Australia




Dr Deb Outhwaite, Visiting Senior Fellow, LSE



Dr Susanne Sahlin, Associate Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Senior Lecturer in Education at Mid Sweden University, Sweden



Past LPD RIG Co-Convenors

Paul Close (SHU), Ann Kendrick (Cumbria), and Pauline Younts (previously Ashville College, Yorkshire, UK, now a Principal in Bulgaria).



Forthcoming Events:

Date Delivery Type of event Title Links

In person

BELMAS Conference, Glasgow

Meeting The New Government and the implications for LPD in Scotland and across the UK


Guest Speaker Professor Chris Chapman, Chair in Educational Policy and Practice (Educational Leadership & Policy).

 Register for the BELMAS conference here.
Most Recent Event:
28/5/24 Online Webinar

Global Perspectives on Leadership Preparation and Development Part II

Watch the event here.

Latest News

to keep up with our news and events, please follow us on:

X: @BelmasLPDRIG

Join Us

To view the full content of this group you must join our RIG. Click the button below or tick RIG group on your My Details page. If you would like to get in touch with the co-convenors, please do so on the emails provided above and don’t forget to follow us on social media!

Networking and further information on the LPD RIG’s activities will take place in the members’ area of the BELMAS website, click HERE to join. We welcome new members and ideas!