Introduction to Grants

BELMAS currently has a Research and Development Grant available to all BELMAS members, which is reviewed by sub-panels selected by the Awards, Bursaries & Grants Committee (ABG) as a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees.

Information on the Research and Development Grant can be found below. The deadline for applications is Monday 29th January 2024.



BELMAS Research and Development Grant

Could you benefit from a BELMAS Research and Development Grant?

BELMAS wants to encourage innovative and dynamic approaches to enhancing the understanding and development of educational leadership and management.  Research and Development Grants to support this objective are open to working school and college leaders and academics who are BELMAS members.

Grants are available to support any member or members to complete a project that researches and/or develops and improves educational leadership and management at any level. BELMAS is keen to encourage and approve a wide variety of projects and approaches, especially those that are collaborative and involve both school/college leaders and university staff.

Successful applicants will be awarded a grant of up to £3,000.

Projects will be judged on the potential to contribute to the understanding, development and improvement of educational leadership and management and the wider benefits to the BELMAS community.

What types of projects are eligible? Do we want something about prioritising projects that are unlikely to be funded elsewhere? 

The following are examples only of the kinds of activities that might be supported; it is not an exhaustive list:

  • An innovative leadership development collaboration across different educational institutions, such as a project involving a number of schools or a school and a university
  • A small-scale research project that addresses, in a focused way, a key current policy or other issue which has significant implications for educational leadership and management
  • A whole-school leadership development activity or programme which has implications for other educational institutions
  • A research and development project, partnering school leaders and higher education researchers
  • An educational leadership development workshop bringing together practitioners from different settings, perhaps supported or part-funded by an external organisation
  • An activity or activities designed to develop local educational networks, for example in a country where such networks are underdeveloped

Projects would be expected to have specific objectives along with an evaluation design to ascertain the extent to which these objectives had been met. The Society welcomes particularly applications where there is additional, or matched, funding from another organisation or institution.

What can the funding be used for?

The grant can be used in various ways, including data gathering and transcription, printing, meeting costs, supply cover, travel costs and costs of dissemination, but not, normally, staff salaries or researcher fees . Applicants are advised to limit travel and conference costs as far as possible in order to maximise the amount available for the substantive activity of the project.

How do I apply?

Research and Development Grants are open to all BELMAS members.  If you are not yet a member, join here.

Please use the following BELMAS Research Development Grant Application Form to submit your grant. Please make sure to read the full application form guidance, which regards all key considerations you need to make when developing your application form.

The deadline for applications is midnight (UK) on Monday 29th January 2024.