Post 16 Education Leadership & Management

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The Post 16 ELM Research Interest Group is open to leaders, researchers, and practitioners who have an interest in post compulsory vocational education and training. It seeks to provide an opportunity for members to critically evaluate international perspectives of the policy and practice of vocational educational and training systems and key aspects of adult education from a leadership perspective.

It is designed as a space in which professionals with an interest in a cross section of interests, bounded by their engagement in Vocational Education and Training in the Post 16 sector to explore and share their research ideas and outcomes and to develop their professional practice.

The benefits of being involved in this special interest group relate to the potential it has for members to:

  • Critically evaluate educational policy and practice as it relates to aspects of Post16 provision of interest to its members.
  • Widen your understanding of educational leadership in notionally similar but potentially competing segments of the Post 16 ‘market’.
  • Provide access to new knowledge, new practice and provide the potential for developing your own perspectives, critical research and professional activity and understanding of the wider Post16 sector.
  • Engage in advancing the uses and practices of effective Post 16 leadership and management.
  • Act as an international network of members within the UK and abroad who can correspond, share ideas, and take part in events that address specific areas of interest under P16 ELM umbrella.
  • To promote, share and seek collaborative partners in relation to your own research and/or professional development initiatives.
  • Highlight, understand and potentially emerging best practice by drawing on research informed leadership practice from an international perspective.


Dr Kevin Richardson – University of Nottingham

Dr Catherine Lloyd – Bedford College

Dr Christina Donovan – Manchester Metropolitan University

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