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Call for Nominations for the BELMAS Council

Come and join us at BELMAS as we have five spaces available on our Council!

Who are the Board of Trustees (Council)?

Council are a group of elected members of BELMAS who oversee the strategic direction of the Society. They are made up of elected members and co-opted members that also include the President, Editors of the BELMAS Journals and other person(s) who the Board feel can contribute to the development of the Society. Elected members collectively act as Trustees of the Charity and as Company Directors.

What are the Time Commitments?

There are five meetings per year, two of which are face-to-face at the Annual Conference and at the Strategic Away Day. There are also five sub-committees which you can get involved with, with all members expected to contribute to at least one. They are:

  1. Appointments & Remuneration Committee
  2. Awards, Bursaries & Grants Committee
  3. Conference & Events Committee
  4. Equality, Diversity &Inclusion (EDI) Committee
  5. Finance Committee

Time commitments do vary across the year with regular engagement with the BELMAS office through email required.

Who are we looking for?

First and foremost, we’re looking for members who are committed not just to BELMAS, but to the wider field of Educational Leadership, Management and Administration. Whether you are an Early Career Researcher, Seasoned Academic or Practitioner, we want to hear from you.

We recognise that our Board is not currently reflective of the wider membership, and therefore we strongly encourage members to apply who:

  1. Define as Black or Asian
  2. Are Professors in the field of Educational Leadership, Management and Administration
  3. Are Early Career Researchers

Can I nominate myself if I am based outside of the UK?

Yes, in fact we currently have an incredible Council member based in Australia! However, please be aware that BELMAS will only pay for travel expenses from a port of entry in the UK.

It is also likely that meeting times will also be based on UK Time (BST) so you would need to be prepared for early/late meetings depending on your time zone.

Like all members, BEMAS reserve the right to reject nominations if they are not eligible to stand, or if they have major conflicts of interest.

BELMAS generally requires at least half of the Board to be based in the UK.

Great, I’m interested! Where do I sign up?

You can sign up by completing the Nomination Form. This should take no longer than 10/15 minutes. Following your submission, you will be entered into the Election process where the results will be announced at the AGM in June 2023.

When do nominations close?

Nomination close in four weeks on Friday 5th May at 4pm. All election dates are on the form and are based on UK Time (BST).

Any questions, get in touch with the team on