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LISTEN: New G&G RIG Podcast with Tony Breslin

In this new podcast episode from our Governance and Governing Research Interest Group, Dr Tony Breslin discusses the book, Bubble Schools and his chapter on leadership and governance, reflecting on the key learning based on the different experiences shared in the book.

Bubble Schools

This sequel to Breslin’s critically acclaimed Lessons from Lockdown explores how school leaders, teachers, parents and pupils have navigated their way through and from lockdown. This is the story of ‘doing’ schooling against the topsy-turvy backdrop of a pandemic that has caused us all to reflect, not just on the purpose and substance of education, but also the world that schools might, in the future, need to prepare children and young people for.

Drawing on the voices of more than a hundred pupils, parents and professionals, it captures the range of experiences as teachers and students grappled with new ways of working, policy chaos and the complexity of schooling and teaching in such a landscape.


Dr Tony Breslin is an experienced educational leader and a widely published researcher, writer and commentator. A teacher by profession, he is Director at Breslin Public Policy Limited, Chair at Bushey Primary Education Federation and Chair of the Education Committee at Anthem Schools Trust.

Listen to the podcast episode below…