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#LUNCHTIMESESSIONS – Claire Indans ‘The Evolution of Going Digital’

Join us for our first ever #LUNCHTIMESESSION, ‘The Evolution of Going Digital’ with host Dr Claire Indans.

Taking place on Zoom at 11.30am – 12.30pm on Tuesday 16th May, the session will provide a platform for discussion amongst BELMAS members.

In Claire’s words: “This discussion details the inception, process, and review of #’going digital’ in which a paradigmatic shift from a post-post-modern perspective to that of a hybridised synergistic model occurred.

Going Digital was a collaborative project between the leadership and management team, the delivery team, and administration. In terms of education, the pandemic was a disruptor within educational leadership and management. It forced a reframe of provision, primarily this educative reframe included an increase in situational leadership, a rise of structure, and a reduction of agency. Early pandemic focusses were predominantly reactive and responsive operational activities, as opposed to strategy.

Once stabilised, new remote ways of working were established via a community of practice and through resumption of team autonomy and agency. Collaborative research, and a subsequent 18-month going digital project commenced in May 2021. The whole organisation were involved in a process to enable understanding of former and existing operational and teaching practices. Digital Curriculum growth was the aim to enable a transformative process to emerge, whilst aligning, serving, and incorporating stakeholder (learners and employers) requirements. The leadership and management team encountered unprecedented territory when a semantic shift transpired; an evolution of a new language occurred as did new practices.”

If you would like to join us for the session to have your say on topic, please register HERE.

Please note, this session is open to BELMAS members only.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

About Claire:

My name is Claire, I have worked in Further Education for 24 years. My current role is that of Curriculum and Delivery Manager at Deere Apprenticeships, an Independent Training Provider (ITP) located in Farnsfield, Newark, Nottinghamshire. In addition, I teach a caseload of Apprentices and so I appreciate the tensions, challenges and rewards that practitioners encounter. I conduct research projects and report findings to the Board and staff teams to inform practice. Other roles include sustainability, and Information Advice and Guidance (IAG). My research interest is the marketisation of education, the effect this has on organisational practices, espoused values, and behavioural tendencies. Fun Fact – I skated in an ice show to Michael Bublé Moondance, for the Olympic Torch Gala, during the London Olympics.